Dear Hard-working Book Blogger,

Nothing would make me happier than to share upcoming releases with you! I will tell you upfront that I appreciate all kinds of reviews--both good and bad. Any time someone is willing to read my work and share her opinion with the world, that makes me happy. So... thank you for all that you do!

If I can contact you (infrequently) about release events, please let me know via the form below. I will make every effort to match my communications to your needs. (Also, I love feedback! If you believe that something I've done is limiting my helpfulness, kindly let me know!)

Thank you x 1,000,000!


P.S. You are welcome to ask for review copies, though certain series may be out of rotation at any given moment. Certain books are controlled by my publicist, as well.

P.P.S. The images I keep on my teaser page are legally obtained from stock photography, and you may use / post / share them however you wish!


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