Why I Love College Hockey

Welp. The college hockey season is officially done. As a New Englander, I guess I'll have to pretend to care whether the Bruins can keep it up in the post-season.

But my heart is still with college hockey. Why?

Maybe it's because I have a short attention span. Hockey is a fast-paced, physical game. Unlike most other sports, there are barely any time-outs. (Just one per team, and it's short.) 

(But college hockey isn't outright brutal. Fighting is actually prohibited, with major penalties and ejections from the game when it happens.)

And (depending on where you live) you can see excellent college hockey in smallish stadiums all over the country. Want to sit a few rows from the ice? That will set you back $15, please.

While you're there, listening to the puck smack against the boards and watching the guys skate so fast they're practically a blur, remember that you're probably watching the next generation of NHL stars. Not a bad night's entertainment!

Cheers, from the 4th row!