Everything I wrote in the last 12 months!

I keep track of my word count on a spreadsheet. The accountability of this exercise keeps me feeling in control. But looking back on the work, it helps me see my process as well. For reasons I can't really explain, the documents run November through the following October. So I'm just finishing one up now. 

Here's what it says about my work the last 12 months.

Nov 15: 50,600 words divided between US, Rookie Move & Bittersweet.

Dec 15: 55,200 words, roughly divided between US and Bittersweet. I also wrote a synopsis for Hard Hitter.

Jan 16: 45,600 words, almost all Bittersweet.

Feb 16: 60,400 words of Hard Hitter

Mar 16: 48,400 words, mostly Hard Hitter but some of it was Blake's book!

April 16: 33,200 words, mostly Blake. A little Steadfast.

May 16: 40,000 words, mostly Steadfast, a little Pipe Dreams.

Jun 16: 30,800 words, Steadfast & Pipe Dreams.

Jul 16: 30,300 words, mostly Pipe Dreams.

Aug 16: 41,500 words, finished Pipe Dreams and wrote two short stories.

Sep 16: 36,800 words, mostly Keepsake (which I began writing in 2013.)

Oct 16: 15,000 words, mostly revisions for Keepsake.

Total for 12 months: 488,000. Or around 40k per month.

There are faster writers. There are slower ones. This is pretty much my maximum pace, and it will have to do. 


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