Your Questions about Studly Period Answered

It's week four of Studly Period! Need to catch up? Click here.

Q: Do I need to read The Ivy Years books first?

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A: Not at all. The narrator of Studly Period is a freshman at Harkness college, and she doesn't know anyone, either! So it's totally find to read this one as a standalone.

Note: the first Ivy Years book is free right now! At Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Google

Q: Who is Pepe again?

A: He first appears in The Understatement of the Year as a freshman. Then his funniest scene is in The Shameless Hour. (I put an excerpt here if you're curious.) He's also dancing on a coffee table in The Fifteenth Minute, with Lianne.

Q: How many chapters will Studly Period be?

A: Seven, plus an epilogue!

Q: Why aren't any of the chapters in Pepe's point of view?

A: Pepe is a native French speaker, and that presents a unique narrative challenge here. In English he has a very distinct voice, which is captured in all his dialogue. But he thinks in French. So if I wrote his point of view in English, it wouldn't sound like Pepe, because Pepe has no accent and is very articulate and grammatically accurate in his mother tongue. So in order to avoid having alternate chapters sound so different, I'm telling the story in Josephine's voice. Bonus: Josephine is a hoot!

Q: Are you going to publish it as an ebook later? Are you going to publish it as a paperback?

A: At this moment I'm really not sure. It depends on the total length and on whatever else my publication schedule will bring. We'll see!

Q: How could you end Chapter Four like that?

A: Honestly I didn't know I was a meanie until I began publishing this serial. I think it brought out my dark side. BUT TAKE COMFORT: There are four more chapters, and only one more cliffhanger. So you'll only be angry at me 25% of the time.