New Books and Upcoming Titles

Note: If it's not listed here, then there's no news about it yet

Upcoming Books:

The Moonlighter: October 22 2019

This is Bayer’s book. His story takes you in a whole new direction! Pre-order on Apple, with more vendors coming soon.

Man Cuffed: November 19 2019

Sadie’s hapless sister Meg (the one who’s been choosing her men from the Assholes Are Us catalog) finally meets her match.

Heartland: Winter 2020

Dylan Shipley’s story.

Sure Shot: Spring 2020

Bess Beringer + a new Brooklyn Bruiser

Pipeline Q&A

Q: Will there be more WAGs books?

A: There are currently no plans for another WAGs book, but you never know!

Q: Will there be even more True North books?

A: Yes, but it’s going to be awhile. Daphne Shipley will meet her match. Working title: Somebody.

Q: Will there be more hockey players?

A: Yes! But you’re going to have to wait to see who…

Appearances: hitting any of these events? I'd love to meet you.

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