Find a Book by its Trope

If you'd like to choose your next read by storyline, you've come to the right place. Here's a list of tropes and archetypes, and the titles which best match.

Warning: Sometimes a trope is also a spoiler! (IE Accidental pregnancy.) Proceed with caution!


Big Brother's Best Friend

Shooting for the Stars

Good Boy 

He/She Isn't Who He/She Says He/She Is

The Year We Hid Away

Man Card


Missed Connections



Athletes / Sports

Bountiful (Hockey)

Brooklynaire (Hockey)

Good Boy (Hockey)

Stay (Hockey)

Rookie Move (Hockey)

Hard Hitter (Hockey)

Pipe Dreams (Hockey)

The Year We Fell Down (Hockey)

The Year We Hid Away (Hockey)

The Understatement of the Year (Hockey)

Him/Us (Hockey)

The Fifteenth Minute (Hockey)

Blonde Date (Basketball)

Hello Forever (Basketball)

The Shameless Hour (Soccer)

Coming In From the Cold (Alpine Ski Racing)

Falling From the Sky (Snowboarding)

Shooting for the Stars (Snowboarding)