Sarina Bowen Reading Order

Dear Reader,

Thank you for picking up one of my books! I am often asked where to begin. Most every book is a stand-alone. I don't write cliffhangers. They're fun, but they're not really my style. With the possible exception of US, which is better after you read HIM, you can really jump in anywhere.

That said, let me show you the order of series publication so you can meet the characters as they are introduced in the series. If that's your jam.

Thank you, as always, for reading!

Sarina Bowen

Start With: The Year We Fell Down

The Ivy Years Series is: 

1. The Year We Fell Down | 2. The Year We Hid Away |3. The Understatement of the Year | 4. The Shameless Hour | 5. The Fifteenth Minute | Extra Credit

And then? A popular Ivy Years character from books 3,4,5 is the hero of Rookie Move in the Brooklyn Bruisers series!

Start With: Rookie Move (or maybe Brooklynaire)

Love hockey players? The Brooklyn Bruisers series is:

Rookie Move | Hard Hitter | Pipe Dreams | Brooklynaire | Overnight Sensation | Superfan | Moonlighter

Love Billionaires more than hockey players? Start with Brooklynaire instead! You won't regret it. 

Start with: Bittersweet

Welcome to Vermont, where the air is sweet and the men are burly. If you're going to mix it up, dive into one of the first three books first. But book #4 is better if you know what happened to Zara in book #1. And book 5 is better if you know what happened to May in book #3. Got that? 

The True North Series is: 1. Bittersweet | 2. Steadfast | 3. Keepsake | 4. Bountiful | 5. Speakeasy | 6. Fireworks

Start with: Him or Good Boy

The first two books are the story of Wes and Jamie, who began as hockey camp roommates and ended up together forever. Then Good Boy belongs to Jamie's sister, paired with the goofiest (sexiest) secondary character ever. And Stay (about another teammate in the same world) is like a rich dessert to finish the meal.

Is MM Your Jam? Try any of these.

Want to laugh out loud?

Try the MAN HANDS series!