On this page you can buy signed books shipped to the U.S., and Book Plates shipped anywhere

(If you live outside the US, you can buy (unsigned) paperbacks anywhere in the world, with free shipping, from Book Depository!)

For US orders, books are shipped media rate which keeps the shipping cost quite low. (Usually $4 to $6, depending on the number of books ordered.) But we can't include swag in your order because that violates the media rate rules. Sorry!

How this works:

You put books into your cart, then pay in US dollars with a credit card or Paypal. Credit card transactions are handled by a global financial processing company called Stripe. We will see your name, billing and shipping addresses, but we will not have access to your credit card number. 

All books are also available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Book Depository, if you don't need the signed edition.

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What is a book plate?

It's a signed, personalized sticker which goes inside your book. When you add one of these to your cart, there is a form to specify which book you're buying it for, and whether or not you want it personalized with your name.

The shipping is $1.50 no matter how many you buy. CHOOSE "BOOK PLATE SHIPPING." Note: maximum of six in one order.

I created these because international shipping is...dire. 

You will receive a book mark (or another piece other paper swag) with your order, too.



The True North Series: