On the Brooklyn Bruisers Series

“The perfect concoction of rough and tumble mixed with a sensual love story. Ideal for all romance readers. Five star read.”—Audrey Carlan, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

"I loved Hard Hitter, and Sarina Bowen's deliciously sexy hero." --Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author

“It works really, really well as a contemporary romance and it has some incredibly hot sex scenes. I’m adding Sarina Bowen to my auto-buy list.” Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

“I'm loving the Brooklyn Bruisers series. I'm all in. Throw me the entire Bruiser's team and staff. I'm here for it.” Heroes & Heartbreakers

"A strong contender for one of the hottest romances this year," BookPage

“I simply adore Bowen’s writing. Fast, fun, and oh so sexy, her characters draw me in like a moth to a flame.” Smexybooks 

On The Year We Fell Down

Colleen Hoover, bestselling author of Hopeless:

"I absolutely loved it! And I can't wait to read the rest of her books."

Tammara Webber, bestselling author of Easy:

"I not only bought this book and devoured it, I bought - and read - this entire NA series (The Ivy Years) in a WEEK. It is OMG-awesome-NA-at-its-finest."

Publishers Weekly:

"Bowen skillfully conveys the roller-coaster emotions of two damaged young adults trying to find their way through tough issues and makes us care deeply about what happens to them. This page-turner will have readers eagerly awaiting Bowen’s next book."

Jane Litte of Dear Author:

"It’s a terrific read, contains everything I love about New Adult and none of the things that irk me. I’ve spent the weekend recommending it and the thing that struck me most was that this wasn’t a story I felt like I had read before which, given how many books I read a year, is rare.

I loved the college setting which was perfect for this book along with the hockey aspect. Neither of the main protagonists play hockey but it’s a huge part of their lives. The virginity scene (which was completely understandable) along with the dildo scene was one of the better, fun, sexy love scenes I’ve read in a while. I had a huge smile on my face in the last half of this book."

Aestas of Aestas Book Blog:

"Ok, you know that amazingly wonderful, heart fluttering feeling you get when you start a book and you just love the set up, and the characters, and everything about it? That was totally the feeling I got here!"

Rita of Snarky Romance Recs:

"I loved this book, i want to hold it up on a cliff, like in The Lion King. It will be a shining beacon of inspiration for romance novelists everywhere."

Mandy of I Read Indie:

"5 Star Review. Bowen has blown me away with this one and her amazing cast of characters and equally amazing storyline. Blown. Away. Gone. It is definitely one I will remember for a long time."

On Falling From the Sky

RT Book Reviews:

"Hank and Callie are an inspiration for love stories everywhere." 4 1/2 stars. HOT.

On The Year We Hid Away

Mandi Schreiner of Smexy Books for USA Today:

"I just adored this book. This one is done so, so well."

Jenn Gaffney of One Click Bliss:

"Another beautiful, compelling, captivating story from Sarnia Bowen, and I cannot wait to see what she does next!"

TeriLyn S. of She Reads New Adult:

"I've yet to read a plot like this beautiful, unique love story. Ms. Bowen flawlessly made me a believer in her work."

On Coming In From the Cold

Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for Kirkus:

"...the hero and heroine start the story trapped in their cars in a blizzard. HELLO MY CATNIP. Get into my car! These two are into each other, and it's terrific." 

Mandi Schreiner of Smexy Books:

"A very well done romance – sexy, hard to take at times, romantic with a great ending too. I think this is Sarina Bowen’s debut – will definitely be keeping an eye on her."

Mary Ann Rivers, author of The Story Guy and Live:

"A deeply romantic story that warms with slow-burn eroticism and genuine insight into loss and love. Sarina Bowen's debut glows with intelligence and a lovely sweetness."

Victoria James, Bestselling Author:

Sizzling and seductive, with just the right amount of sugar and spice! Sarina Bowen writes a hot hero with a heart of gold!

On The Understatement of the Year

Mandi Schreiner of SmexyBooks

"It's so well done that I just want to read it over and over again." 

On Falling From the Sky

Sexy and heartwarming, Falling From the Sky is a story of redemption, trust and falling in love.
— Mandi Schreiner of SmexyBooks