I can't wait!

There are less than two weeks until The Understatement of the Year is published. I just can't wait. These characters? I love them to pieces. I had no idea that Ivy Years #3 was going to be a story about two guys. But the idea for their angst-filled, accidental reunion in the hockey rink locker room just dropped into my brain and would not leave. And I wrote the book in a fever, because the story was just so intense.

A few people have asked why I didn't start a new series for this book, and that's a valid question. This story? It's an Ivy Years novel. There was just no fighting it. And Hartley plays a rather involved role as a secondary character, while Bridger, Corey and Lucy have cameos. 

You can click here for purchase links. The book is up for pre-order at most vendors. It's actually live at iBooks (because I fat-fingered the publish button.)