Teaser Excerpt from a New Vermont Series

Random teaser excerpt time! This is from something I'm working on, a new series set in Vermont. The working title for the series is True North, and it will be populated by the tough, outdoorsy mountain men that populate this place. (Beards are optional but encouraged.)

The first book features Griffin, a grumpy bear of an orchardist vs. Polly, a cute but luckless chef:

“Now let’s get your shiny new car out of the ditch, shall we?” Griff glowered at me. For real. Before today I’d never seen anyone actually glower. It was a word found only in books, and on Griff Shipley’s ridiculously handsome yet ornery face.

“It’s a rental,” I said in my own defense. “I can just call for roadside service.”

Glowering Griff gave a weary sigh. “I’ll be rid of you sooner if I do it myself.” He raised two big fingers to his mouth and blew an ear-piercing whistle. Then he waited, while I tried not to think of those fingers, and the things they’d once done to me…

“Got a problem, Han?” a voice called from the meadow beyond the trees that lined this road. A few seconds later an attractive blond dude slipped between the trees to join us.

“Yeah, we do, Chewy. We have to pull the princess here out of the ditch and change her tire. Then warp speed her ass back to Boston so she can report that the rebels are mutinying.”

“Jesus, I’d forgotten about your Star Wars obsession.” That just slipped out of my mouth. But as soon as I said it, the other guy’s eyes opened wide, and the look on Griff’s face made it clear that any further references to our tiny sliver of a past together weren’t going to be tolerated.

Though *tiny sliver* isn’t good terminology for the boinking we’d done, because nothing on that man’s body was tiny.

Moving on...

Stay tuned for more news of the True North series, coming in 2016.

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