Sarina Bowen

USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance

Sarina Bowen is the author of contemporary romance and new adult fiction, including The Ivy Years Series, The Year We Fell Down, The Year We Hid Away, and also the Gravity series.

Other spellings: Sabrina Bowen, Serena Bowen

Titling Books is Hard. Sometimes.

 Thank you Keyanna Butler for this adorable graphic!

Thank you Keyanna Butler for this adorable graphic!

How Sarina Spent 3 Months Trying to Name a Book: a Short Story

Well, three books. But I wanted my True North series to reflect the orchards, the heartbreak and ALL THE FEELS. And I wanted to name the (first?) three at once.

On my way to victory I came up with some truly horrible titles. Real stinkers. Some were dull. Others were pretentious.

Stuck and confused, I emailed all my author friends for help. As i went through iteration upon iteration of titles, my patient buddies were all getting burned out on the question. 

As was I.

So I gave up for a little while. The file on my computer continued with the name "Vermont book #1." And then something magical happened! I relaxed and just wrote the durned book!

As I wrote it, the word bittersweet kept coming up. Bittersweet is the way Audrey feels about walking away from Griffin. And bittersweet is a kind of apple used in cider--it has a really high sugar content, but too many tannins to be any good in a pie. It's a special kind of apple, cherished by cider-makers and hated by others.

So, duh.

Can I introduce you to the titles of my three True North books?

1. Bittersweet

2. Steadfast

3. Keepsake*

*An apple varietal! See what I did there? :)

Now, compare and contrast. Yesterday my editor at Penguin emailed to say that the "copy team" had been brainstorming titles for my second book about the Brooklyn Bruisers. So she included a list.

I perused. I considered. I added a few to the list and gave her my feedback. A bit later, after another chat with her peeps, they told me their favorite. 

The process took an hour. One. Hour.

The moral of this story: copy teams are awesome! Oh--and it's more fun to title a book if you've already written it.

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