The True North Series: Your Questions Answered

Thanks for an awesome launch week! I'm getting some questions about STEADFAST (True North #2), which is coming in less than a month! So here goes:

Q: Will Griff & Audrey and the rest of the Shipleys be there?

A: They sure will! Even if it feels far to Jude, his hometown is only about twenty miles from the Shipley farm. And he's going to need his friends' help to get through all the things in store for him. (My editor wrote me an email about how the tension in his story was making her crazy, so maybe I did something right.)

Q: Who is the star of KEEPSAKE, book III?

A: That book belongs to Zach. You're welcome. :-)

Q: Who is the woman on the cover of KEEPSAKE?

A: Nice try, but you're going to have to wait a little longer to find out.

Q: Will there be more books? And what's the deal with Zara's situation?

A: I hope there will! Zara is pretty kickass, but she's not ready to reveal her secrets.