This is me today...

This is me today. I'm so tired! I threw a sleepover for 10yo boys last night. For Spacekid's birthday "cake" he asked for chocolate fondue with pound cake and strawberries and bananas, and I provided. He also wanted "an epic nerf war" and swimming and a movie. That was easier as the only requirement was just that I get out of the way.

I was cleaning up in the kitchen while they watched the movie. It was...some Star Trek thing. And then all of a sudden all the 10yo boys went "OHHHHH GROSS" and I worried that the movie was violent, and that I was *that* mother who didn't look at the rating and there were probably guts and entrails on the screen or something.

Well. They were all grossed out because Captain Kirk kissed somebody! (At least I think it was Captain Kirk. Whatever.) So, yeah. Kissing. Gross. :)

I'll be drowning in my coffee cup now. Lator, gators! ❤️


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