More MM Recs (Summer 2017 edition!)

The cover gods have smiled on Annabeth Albert this year. :)

The cover gods have smiled on Annabeth Albert this year. :)

It's been a while since I made a nice list of recommendations. (Sorry!) You can find my other two lists of smart LGBT reads here and here.

One big discovery I made this year was Avon Gale's hockey romances, starting with Breakaway. Then I quickly glommed all five in this series. Her ability to write quirky characters that just leap off the page gives me writer envy.

Another hockey MM that's well written is Winging It by Ashlyn Kane & Morgan James.

I also read my first two by Tara Lain, and my favorite was The Knight of Ocean Avenue. And Cowboys Don't Come Out was also moving.

Hot cowboys in love, anyone? You shouldn't miss the Ember Peak books by Edie Danford. It's a trilogy about the same cowboy couple, which is hard to pull off. But she nails it! Start with Tru Smoke and take it from there!

And I just loved Bad Judgment by Sidney Bell. It's MM suspense, and so twisty and turny! Gah.

And, finally, the Out of Uniform series by Annabeth Albert is fab. My favorite is On Point, the third one. It's a really moving friends-to-lovers story with great tension!