Women's Fiction for Romance Lovers

As you know, I love my romance. But reading out of genre is also exciting! Women's fiction is often romantic, but you have the added zing of not knowing whether it works out or not. Also, the storylines aren't quite as linear. The secondary characters see more action, and that can be so much fun. I offer you some of my recent favorites! Not only are they great, but if your heart craves romance, there's a little something in each of these to scratch that itch. ;)

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The Almost Sisters: A Novel
By Joshilyn Jackson

This one is so good, it's a hang-up-your-skates kind of read. Meaning that I'm so in awe of Ms. Jackson's ability to capture the human experience that I feel unworthy. Don't let the staid cover fool you. This is a wickedly funny romp with an unexpected romance. It's GREAT. Read it. (Click the photo for more.)

I have always enjoyed Ms. Hilderbrand's style, and this new one was no exception. With a great premise, and terrific page-turning pace, you won't be disappointed. Also, it covers the Zeitgeist of Nantucket and the Vineyard even more thoroughly than her other books. So fun! (Click photo for more.)

The Identicals: A Novel
By Elin Hilderbrand

The Forever Summer
By Jamie Brenner

I picked this up when I was supposed to be doing something else. And then couldn't put it down! Lots of family drama and twisty secrets. Loved it!

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I read this when it first came out and then re-read recently. I'd forgotten how sexy it was. Rawrrr! And a great yarn, too. Ghosts aren't usually my thing but they are amazing here. The, uh, living don't do so poorly either. (Rawrrr!)

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By Liz Michalski

The Husband's Secret
By Liane Moriarty

Ms. Moriarty always delivers, and this one is no different! I am in awe of the way she does redemption. And she has this way of selling you a crazy plot, because she's so wise and observant you'll take everything she gives you as the gospel. Excellent stuff, here!

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That's all for now! Thank you for indulging me! 

I suppose I should go back to my own manuscript now. Sigh...