Sarina Bowen

USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance

Sarina Bowen is the author of contemporary romance and new adult fiction, including The Ivy Years Series, The Year We Fell Down, The Year We Hid Away, and also the Gravity series.

Other spellings: Sabrina Bowen, Serena Bowen

Five New Books That Excite Me!


Happy spring! I'm still staring at patches of snow out my window. But not for long! 

It hasn't been easy to get any reading done lately because I've been writing too much. But I did manage to squeeze in a couple, and they are awesome.

Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren. I loved their entry into the women's fiction market! This is a wonderful and plotty story and I loved every page. The writing is, as always, exquisite.

Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas. Wow. When I'm working on a contemporary book, sometimes I just need to read something totally different. And this book was seriously impressive. Sharp, snappy dialogue and terrific characters. And now I'm dying for the next one, because she set it up so well.


Squared Away by Annabeth Albert. My goodness this series is so good. In my opinion it's her very best work. Great, fully-formed characters with real world problems. I have loved every one of them.

Shopping for a Billionaire's Baby by Julia Kent. I just discovered this author this year and she is hilarious! (Ahoy, matey! I'm still laughing.)

Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan. Note: this isn't an easy read, as it includes sexual violence against the heroine. It is an epic love story and well worth the trouble.  

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