Funny Funny Books

The Belly-Laugh classics

Lately I’ve seen some social media posts asking for laugh-out-loud comedies. And I realized I have a nice little collection going. These are all books that have been around a while, but if you missed one, you should fix that! I love funny books! And these are some of my all time favorites. You can click through the pictures to see them at Amazon.

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

So. Darn. Funny. Even five years later I still feel a little hysterical anytime someone says “jackhammer.” Read it and you’ll understand.

Tangled by Emma Chase

This was the first romance I ever read that’s entirely in the male POV. The narrative voice is pure gold. And I’m a hard sell, or at least I should be. I used to work on Wall Street and generally find suits to be a snore. But HOLY HELL does she sell it. Drew is hilarious in his assholishness. It totally works. Years later, I still remember my favorite line is, “Nothing says gratitude like prepaid strippers.”

Just trust me.

Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec

The whole Chocolate Lovers series is just so funny! The humor here is zany and real.

Losing It

Cora Carmack’s best-loved career launcher is a funny book, too! Why does the heroine get a cat, you ask? The answer will amuse you.