Deleting one third of a book isn't easy...


Regrets. I have a few…

I was cooking along on a book for Silas Kelly (the backup goalie for the Brooklyn Bruisers.)

Or was I?

The deeper I got into this book, the less I liked the story. It was too angsty for the series. And—worse—it didn’t let Silas be Silas. There was too much baggage.

So I did the difficult thing. I deleted everything. The whole book. I opened a fresh file and started again, with a different plot for these characters.

The humbling thing is that I assumed that my story craft had moved past this. I thought I was experienced, and knew what I was doing.

Not so much! But that’s okay. A dose of humility never hurt me. And after taking a day off to mourn, I found that the new version was so much better.

The bad news is you won’t be getting Silas for a while. I lost almost a month’s worth of work. But when you do see him, he’ll be his very best!