Q&A About the True North Series!

There's only ONE day left until Keepsake is here! I can't believe I put out three books in 4.5 months. I'll probably never manage that pace again, but it was fun!

I'm getting lots of questions about the fate of the series, though, and so I'll answer them as best I can!

Q: Sarina, is this the last True North book?

A: Probably not! By the time you get to the final page of Keepsake you'll notice that a couple more plot lines are just begging for completion. I intend to add on. But I can't make any good guesses at the date because I have other juicy things happening in 2017.

Q: So what are those juicy things?

A: By the summer of 2017 you're getting: another book with Elle Kennedy, not one but TWO more awesome Brooklyn Bruisers novels, more M/M, perhaps some YA and maybe a fourth True North story. Maybe. And two Ivy Years short stories, people! I can't announce 'em because they're both parts of anthologies that I don't control. (And before you ask, neither story is about Rikker and Graham. But I haven't forgotten about them.)

Q. And what are you doing in your spare time?

A: Aren't you funny? As a matter of fact I'm attending four signing events, in Massachusets, New York and Atlanta. Will I see you there?

Q. That all sounds awesome. But where is the US audio book? You promised this months ago.

A. It's coming. That's what they tell me. (I know.) 

Cheers and happy reading! Zach awaits!