Now Available: Him & Us with the co-signed bookplate!

Once upon a time there were two authors who wrote a couple of smexy books together. When those books became bestsellers, they wanted to do something nice for readers and offer a few co-signed copies! 

Our heroines had the books shipped to Canada, where Elle paid massive duty on them only to ship them back to Sarina in the US. At great expense. The well-meaning authors had to charge a lot of money for the books just to break even. 

The whole experience kind of sucked, and our heroines lived in dread of mis-counting the number of signed books they'd sold or offered to giveaways, because these suckers were as dear as the gifts of the Magi. 

But then the inspiration fairy turned up to poke them in the chest. "Hey, chickies," she said. "Before Blake's book comes out you'd better figure this shizzle out. Have you heard of a thing called book plates?"

So a book plate was designed, and it is adorable. Elle has signed them and sent them to Sarina, who is ready to affix them to copies of HIM or US and send them to you.

NOTE: if you see that either book is out of stock, that just means Sarina is waiting for her next shipment of that title. We are not out of book plates. Cheers!

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