One more (important!) thing about Bountiful!


Yesterday I announced this book and sent the manuscript off to my trusty editor, Edie Danford. Today she sent me a message asking why on earth my description for Bountiful doesn't mention that Dave is a Brooklyn Bruisers hockey player?

Right. Whoops!  *taps microphone*

Dave Beringer, Zara's hero in True North 4, is a veteran forward for the Bruisers! He is a walk-on character in all three Bruisers books. If you missed him, that's because he didn't say much. But! The fun here is that Castro, Silas, Leo and Doulie all show up in this new book. 

There. I also added "hockey star" to his description on the vendor sites, and they should update shortly!

Bountiful arrives October 20 at: Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Google 

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