If you haven't read Autoboyography by Christina Lauren, I don't know what you're doing with your life


I will confess that I was afraid to read this book, because I'd been waiting for it since it was announced in Publishers Weekly. This one just pushes all my buttons. YA? Check. Terrific and unique LGBTQ conflict? Check. Pushing back on oppressive religious beliefs? Check. Excellent research? Comparison to Rainbow Rowell and Becky Albertalli? Check check check. 

My expectations were sky high. And I was not disappointed. Not even a little! I bought this at the hotel as a reward for surviving the hectic five days in France.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Do you think I heeded this advice? Nope. I finished it before we even cleared UK airspace because A) travel delays and B) I GOBBLED IT DOWN. Seriously. This book didn't stand a chance. It's so swoony and perfect. The writing is flawless. I loved Tanner on page one and I wanted to give Sebastian a crushing hug. 

And because this is a Christina Lauren book, the chemistry is perfection. It carries terrific sexual tension without ever stepping beyond the boundaries of YA. They don't even need on-screen sex to make this a sexy read. Even if you usually choose more erotic books, you won't be disappointed. 

The writing is flawless. Flawless! Go. Run. Get it from Amazon or another vendor, or ask your library to carry it on Overdrive