Some Good Stuff I Read in 2018

Another year draws to a close. And I must say that I have been pretty bad at recommending books this year. So. Bad. But here are some things I enjoyed, in no particular order. You can click on any book for more info.


In Contemporary Romance

Confession: I don’t read much contemporary romance. I find that it’s not helpful to read in the same genre that I’m writing.


Suzanne Brockmann never lets me down! Here’s a fierce heroine and a sexy romance which says some smart things about the #metoo era.

This is super fun, super cute and features one of my weaknesses: a single dad. Oh, and he’s a former teen rocker. #sigh. I love him.

The Chase by Elle Kennedy was totally worth the wait! I loved it. Even if she did make me read it in chunks, with dayyyyyyys of waiting between chapters! So mean! I can’t wait to do it all again with The Risk in February!

This is a love triangle, which isn’t usually my thing. But I guess it can be, and this is excellent! Very angsty but great.

This excellent romance came out…four years after the last one. Or five? There was a big gap. But this author is worth waiting for, and I really enjoyed it. And don’t miss the first one either: One & Only. It’s fabulous.

Wowzers! So that’s what the fuss was about! Great writing. Twisty story. My doors were blown off.

This was a great, angsty series! Completely addictive.

In Darker Stuff

Although darker isn’t really my thing, when i happen to find one that suits me I get so excited! These caught my eye and made for some gleefully scary moments.

This is suspencey and romancey and hard to categorize! But it’s just so addictive. Be warned—book 1 will not be enough.

If amnesia tropes are your catnip, give this a try! It’s well done and such a page-turner.

I’d been meaning to read this forever! I love Shirley Jackson. And I’d forgotten how funny she is even when writing about the dark stuff. So masterful!

CD Reiss’s Edge series is…seriously edgy. See what I did there? Dark and sexy and just wholly original!

In Women’s Fiction

Another favorite category of mine…that I didn’t read much of in 2018.

This isn’t an easy read, because it goes deeply into body issues and self worth. But it’s so well done! Get the tissues…

This was just as well written as last summer’s Elin Hildebrand blockbuster, and I hung on every word.

And my new love: Historical!

I’ve discovered that I can’t read contemporary romance while I’m trying to draft contemporary romance. And since I’m always trying to draft contemporary romance, it’s a problem!

But my goodness do I enjoy a historical romance! This year I read almost all of Lisa Kleypas’s back list. She is magnificent, and Hello Stranger is my favorite!

Eloisa James is also fantastic! I love the Wildes so much. Can’t wait to read more!

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