My Little Sticker Habit

Sarina Bowen The Ivy Years

Happy New Year!

File this under things that make me ridiculously happy. Every day that I write at least 1200 words I put a sticker on my calendar page. It’s a simple thing, but it brings me a great feeling of accomplishment.

Sad truth: it took me way too long to understand how powerful habits are. The habit of checking my email first thing in the morning sounds small, but last year that one thing was blowing up my writing time. I’d become distracted by some small business matter. Then I’d look up and three hours would have passed.

So I’ve gotten smarter. I try to get my sticker before noon. I have two good friends who also enjoy this little habit. We text “sticker!” to each other when we’ve achieved it. Today I was second. That little spark of accountability is just as crucial to this project as my Etsy sticker order.

Bring it, 2019. I’m going to cover you with stickers.